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Reader Question + Top 5 Paint Colors for Every Room in Your Home

Happy Friday everyone! It has been absolutely beautiful here in Montana – blue skies, perfect temperatures and fall colors all around. I love it.  We are supposed to get snow on Monday though so I am soaking up the sun while we still can. I hope all is well with you!

Today I wanted to answer a question from a reader. Kristin wrote to me:
“I stumbled across your blog while googling ideas for paint colors. I read through several of your posts and was really inspired by the ideas you gave.
We are building a house and I have 1 week to finalize what paint colors to use in my house.   We are going with 3 tone paint & are going to paint the entire house one color, with the exception of the bedrooms and washroom upstairs.  We have dark espresso cabinets throughout the house. Do you have any suggestions on a color to pick for painting the whole house? We can use either Sherwin Williams or Kwal paint. I was wondering if you have any favorite paint colors to do a whole house in that you have seen before??”

Love this, because, yes, I do have a few favorites. Smile As I have seen new homes built and have looked at the latest trends, most people are going with one solid paint color throughout the main part of their home. I love it because it’s continuous, you don’t have to worry about whether a room will flow into the next, and I think it’s more calming. So if I were going to paint a whole house one main color, and had to use Sherwin Williams, these are the colors that I have seen that work. I have not seen a room painted in any of these 5 paint colors that I have disliked. So here we go!Top 5 paint colors for every room in your home - Favorite Paint Colors

#1: I love Kilim Beige. My sister used it in her old house, my mother-in-law went through about every Sherwin-Williams color imaginable and Kilim Beige ended up being her favorite , and my aunt has painted the majority of her house this color. It must be a family thing, but I have loved it in every home.
Top 5 paint colors for every room in your home
Top 5 paint colors for every room in your home
#2: Balanced Beige – a perfect go with everything color with warmth and color, yet it’s subtle and soothing. I love it in Emily’s house and in the living room down below. (Not sure of the original source, if anyone has any information let me know.)
Top 5 paint colors for every room in your home
 Top 5 paint colors for every room in your home
#3: Universal Khaki is another favorite. I absolutely love it in Janell Beals’ home from House of Fifty. She has great style and who wouldn’t love that kitchen?!
#Top 5 paint colors for every room in your home
#4: Perfect Greige – super popular color right now, and as the name states, it’s a perfect balance of gray and beige.
Top 5 paint colors for every room in your home
#5: Agreeable Gray – another color that I really, really love. The pictures speak for themselves and it definitely has agreed with me every time I have seen it in a home.
Top 5 paint colors for every room in your home
Top 5 paint colors for every room in your home
Top 5 paint colors for every room in your home
See more of this home tour here.
So there are MY suggestions. I definitely have favorites from other brands, but if I were working with Sherwin Williams then this is where I would start. I am not as familiar with Kwal paint, but I do love the colors I have seen. One of my favorites was from a Parade of Homes that I posted here. It was painted throughout the whole house and it was a nice, airy light color. Remember “Trotting”?
Kwal paint color
So do you have any favorite paint colors that you have used throughout your home? Or maybe you have seen a color that you love in someone else’s home? Let us know, but thank you for stopping by and for your submissions, ideas, and questions. I love my readers! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Mysterious Mauve

Favorite Paint Colors - bathroom color

Mysterious Mauve by Sherwin Williams

Finding Home – see more of Laura’s paint colors

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China White + some added features to FPC

Happy Tuesday FPC readers! I just wanted to let you know of a few changes that have been made here. I am now on Google+ and will be posting paint colors on facebook, along with other paint tips.  I would love for you to connect with me on the left. Thanks so much for all you do and for your submissions. Here is one I received last week from the Skelley Team. Love the before and afters on her blog. Have a great day!
China White by Benjamin Moore

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Revere Pewter and Navajo White

Favorite Paint Colors - kitchen paint colors
Wall color: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
Cabinets: Navajo White by Benjamin Moore