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Favorite Paint Color of the Month {Winter in Paris}

Happy last day of January! I can’t believe we are already one month through the year, crazy stuff! We are finally getting snow in Montana and I love it. I figure if it’s going to be winter, we might as well have snow to go with it. Better now than in April I suppose.
So when I was looking at the paint color forecast for 2014, I loved Valspar’s “Zenergy” palette, especially Winter in Paris. You know how colors just jump out to you on the screen and you think, LOVE that! Well that’s exactly what I thought when I saw “Winter in Paris”.
zenergy - 2014 paint color trends

Then I came across this beautiful living room makeover from The Blissful Bee and fell in love once again. The whole transformation is amazing, but I especially love the colors. I love how this paint color has a tint of gray, a little turquoise and is not too “baby” blue. Winter in Paris by Valspar - living room paint color
Winter in Paris by Valspar - living room paint color
Winter in Paris by Valspar
I’ve decided to name it my favorite paint color of the month. Now I realize this is the last day of January, but I have a ton of favorites and will feature a new one sometime next month, and then the next month and so on. Plus, the name is just fitting for this time of year.

bathroom paint color
nursery paint color
Has anyone tried this? Does it look as good in person as it does in the pictures? I would love to know! Have a wonderful weekend my favorite readers!

Hazy Skies

Hazy Skies by Benjamin Moore - master bedroom paint color
Hazy Skies by Benjamin Moore - master bedroom paint color
Hazy Skies by Benjamin Moore

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Paint Color Q&A: Living Room

Paint Color Questions @ Favorite Paint Colors

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a great Friday! Today I am answering a paint color question from a dear reader Liza . She wrote:
“I came across your blog in search for the perfect paint color for our living room. We've bought over 20 samples and have even painted it twice. We just can't seem to find the right color.
The color we have on there right now is too dark; it's Mariner by Martha Stewart (Glidden). Our closest store is Home Depot so Behr is our brand of choice. What would you recommend? We want something lighter that ties in the stone and flooring. We have an open floor plan too which opens into our kitchen (another project in waiting).
Any recommendations? Your opinion would be greatly welcomed.”
Sound familiar to anyone? I’m so glad Liza contacted me and sent me her pictures. I love looking at the possibilities of a room and imagining the transformation that a simple paint color can make. Everyone has different tastes and style, but here are a few of my suggestions:
1. Lighten Up:  You’ve got a beautiful open space and the more light you have, the more open your room will feel. The first place to start, which you already know, is to lighten up your paint color. If you like the shade you have, but just think it’s just too dark, you could always try colors above your current paint color on the paint deck.
2. Choose Colors From Your Room:  If you want a completely different look but you’re not sure where to start, look at the colors that are already in your room. You have tans, beiges, grays, and browns. Pick a tan, beige, etc. that you are drawn to and go from there.
3. Look at Your Color Tones: Look at the tones that come from the room you are painting. Do you want to bring those out, or do you want to subdue them? From this picture, I can see tones from each primary color. I see mostly yellow tones from the stones, some red from the wood, and a hint of blue coming out from some of the darker stone. If you have access to a paint deck from Behr, you can see that the neutrals are divided into three categories: yellow-toned neutrals, red-toned neutrals, and blue-toned neutrals. Personally, I would try and pick from the yellow-toned neutrals to add more warmth and to bring out the “gold” tones from the fireplace. Red-toned neutrals may look too pink in this room and although you have blue on the walls right now, I think the yellow-tones would add more warmth and light, therefore giving your room a more open and airy feel.
Based on those three criteria, here a few samples I have come up with from the Behr paint deck.
Wheat Bread by Behr
Wheat Bread by Behr
Ocean Pearl by Behr
Ocean Pearl by Behr
Oat Straw by Behr
Oat Straw by Behr
Pebble Stone by Behr
Pebble Stone by Behr
Harvest Brown by Behr
Harvest Brown by Behr
One other color that I would suggest that is not from Behr, but can be color matched, is Kilim Beige from Sherwin Williams. I saw a similar room with almost identical stone and wood that was painted a light green. After many paint samples, Kilim Beige became the chosen color and it looked perfect with the wood and stone. It wasn’t too heavy, didn’t have any crazy undertones, it added warmth and made the room feel bigger.
I hope this gives you a good place to start, Liza. I am anticipating a new room reveal and can’t wait to see what you decide.
Any other suggestions from my awesome and talented readers? What you recommend Liza do?
Thanks so much for your input and have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Coral Reef and Agreeable Gray {bathroom paint colors}

Coral Reef by Sherwin Williams - coral vanity with gray walls
Vanity color: Coral Reef by Sherwin Williams
Wall color: Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Most Popular Paint Color Submission at FPC

Happy Tuesday my fellow paint lovers! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I received a submission from Lorell of her newly painted living room and family room and wanted to share it with you today because the color she submitted has become the most popular paint color here at FPC, and it looks beautiful in her home. What is it you ask? I’m sure you have heard the name, it’s practically a celebrity in the paint color world.... REVERE PEWTER by Benjamin Moore.
Here is what Lorel had to say about it in her e-mail:
"As my main all-over house color, I chose BM's Revere Pewter.  When searching for the best greige for my house, I purchased about 8 different samples of what seemed to be peoples favorites.  I get a ton of natural sunlight in my home, and most of them ended up looking almost purple on my walls.  I picked Revere Pewter because it has no red undertone.  It has more of a slight green undertone, which looks like a nice light and warm grey/beige with the natural light.
I painted my family room in regular Revere Pewter, and my living room with Revere Pewter at 150% (50% more pigment than the original, to darken it a little)."
Revere Pewter {most popular paint color at FPC}
Revere Pewter {most popular paint color at FPC}
The family room painted in it’s regular strength.
Revere Pewter {most popular paint color at FPC}
The living room painted at 150%. Thanks for sharing, such a beautiful color! Definitely one of my favorite colors, it's on my top 10 warm grays, and for more Revere Pewter inspiration check out these past posts. Have a great day!

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Secret Passage

Gray paint color for small bathroom
Gray paint color: Secret Passage by Olympus paint
Board and batten and bathroom cabinets: Semi-gloss Ultra White by Valspar

Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Paint Color Trends {Benjamin Moore & Valspar}

Happy Friday everyone! Last month I featured Sherwin Williams color of the year, Exclusive Plum, and wanted to share with you a few more color trends for 2014.
Valspar just released their 2014 color outlook this week and it’s awesome! “In 2014, consumers will be redefining what matters and will feel a growing awareness of what’s important,” said Sue Kim, Valspar color strategist. “The Valspar 2014 Color Outlook draws on this trend, with color palettes that are inspired by how people are purposefully incorporating these redefined experiences into their daily lives.”
Valspar 2014 paint color trends - zenergy
“A movement has begun of simplifying our surroundings. Minimalism creates space for new energy. Restoration and balance inspire the Zenergy palette.” – Valspar
Valspar 2014 paint color trends - time traveler
“Reconnecting our stories with cultures and customs gone by has begun to influence modern living. Time Traveler puts a modern spin on classic style.” - Valspar
Valspar 2014 paint color trends - yours truly
“When imagination and reality collide, something beautifully imperfect happens. A focus on individual expression is at the heart of the Yours Truly palette.” – Valspar
What do you think? Any colors that jump out to you? I love the colors in “Zenergy”. So serene and calming to me.
Have you seen Benjamin Moore’s 2014 colors yet? I love the soft pastels this year.
Breath of Fresh Air - Color of the Year 2014Benjamin Moore Color Trends  - greens and earthy neutralsBenjamin Moore Color Trends 2014 - pinks and neutrals Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2014 - blue familyBenjamin Moore Color Trends 2014 - plums and lavender
Also, Behr has come out with their color trends for this year. Click on the picture below to see more inspiration and have a wonderful weekend. So glad it’s Friday!
Behr 2014 Color Trends

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Garage Organization {inspiration} + paint colors

Garage Organization {inspiration} + paint colors
Doors: Grenada Villa by Benjamin Moore
Below chair rail + cabinets: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
Above chair rail: Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore
Trim: White Dove by Benjamin Moore
Dixie Delights

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