Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monticello Yellow

Happy Independence Day, everyone! This holiday is my favorite, after Christmas, for so many reasons. I love the food, the warm summer weather, fireworks,  Lee Greenwood, barbecues, boating on the lake, being with family, and feeling so PROUD of this country that I LOVE. I hope you all are feeling the same and enjoying this wonderful holiday.

To celebrate, I posted a few of George Washington’s and Thomas Jefferson’s favorite paint colors – (yes they had them too!) They are vibrant and bright, apparently showing off their wealth, and if you want to add some great color in your home and have a little bit of history behind it, you can get the same colors that were used in Monticello and Mount Vernon. 

Fine Paints of Europe has put together a collection based on the colors used in Mount Vernon and has some interesting information on George Washington’s sense of style. I love this:

“Washington’s diaries and letters reveal intricate details regarding his hands-on approach and passion for beautifying his home. The man who inspired a nation was himself inspired by beauty, design and bright, bold color.” Fine Paints of Europe

The more I read and learn about this man, the more I love him.

Enjoy the colors, and enjoy this wonderful Independence Day. Happy Birthday, America!

Verdigris by Fine Paints of Europe
(Mount Vernon Estate of Colours)

Prussian Blue by Fine Paints of Europe

Monticello Yellow by Ralph Lauren


  1. What a fun idea to showcase these colors. Happy 4th to you!

  2. Thanks Jenn! I hope you had a wonderful 4th as well. :)


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