Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Black Fox

Wall Color: Black Fox by Sherwin Williams
Cabinets and molding are painted “Pure White” by Sherwin Williams


  1. You can easily create this Dining Room in your home with the exact same I.O. METRO items-

    CONGO DINING TABLE: http://www.iometro.com/ic280frm.asp?prodno=615BFSHCON90&COMBO1=DNTAB

    CARSON DINING CHAIRS: http://www.iometro.com/dining-chairs/carson-dining-chair-gray

    UDAY WINE CABINET: http://www.iometro.com/ic280frm.asp?prodno=671IOM2041&COMBO1=CAB

    JELANI TABLE LAMP: http://www.iometro.com/ic280frm.asp?prodno=65926987&COMBO1=LAMP

    CHOCOLATE PANELS: http://www.iometro.com/accents/metro-chocolate-panel-8-ft

    HALO ORB CHANDELIER (similar to fixture in photo): http://www.iometro.com/lighting-and-mirrors/chandeliers/halo-orb-chandelier

  2. Just found your blog and I LOVE it! What a great idea for a blog.

  3. Thanks Christine for the great resource! Your dining room is beautiful!

  4. Simply stunning rooms. I covet the dining room table.

  5. Wow, never dreamed of the day where I would want a black kitchen, but now I cannot get this color out of my head. LOVE. IT.

  6. LIKE IT to the nth power!!!!


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