Friday, August 3, 2012

Dovetails and White Dove (exterior paint colors)

dovetail gray sw white dove bm exterior paint colorsdovetail gray sw white dove bm exterior paint colorsdovetail gray sw white dove bm exterior paint colors
Exterior color: Dovetail by Sherwin Williams
Trim: White Dove by Benjamin Moore
*Submitted by Melissa H.*
Have I ever told you how much I love getting paint color submissions in my inbox? Totally makes my day! Thank you, Melissa and anyone else who has submitted their pictures to this site. Have a great weekend!


  1. I accidentally found your blog today and what a wonderful case of serendipity it was! I am the world's worst at choosing colors or trying to visualize color in a room. Consequently, every livin' lovin' wall wall in my house is off-white.
    I'm so excited to know I'll get some inspiration here.
    The exterior color of this house is perfect. I find that it really adds crispness and "respect" to the architecture of the home. The white trim is the perfect color to set the gray off, a great finishing touch! (Like the perfect necklace) The front door is gorgeous and I can't imagine any other door looking as gorgeous as this one; I'd like to have it for MY house!

  2. Wow, I love this color! the grey really pops! This is the best blog, so helpful for me.
    I'm such a visual person! thanks! Rachel Beal

  3. Could you add a Pin It button? That would be great since I love so many of your posts!

  4. We used this color. Love it with a red door and American flag!

  5. Oh my goodness, I house stalk all the time!Sometimes, I ride around in an older neighborhood and just stalk, stalk, stalk.I openly steal ideas for wreaths, garage doors,window boxes, etc.You're lucky that woman knew the colors of her house. Some people don't pay attention to that stuff. Imagine!I know all my paint colors and for mani/ pedis the name of the nail polish! That's half the fun. Sometimes I choose one just for the name. Anyway, now that you know I'm nuts, I'll say thanks and so long--I love your blog. It's pinned onto my "Blog Love" Board on Pinterest.

  6. Beautiful house! Is it possible to find out where that front door was purchased from? I am only able to find doors that have smaller window panes, but I really love the 6 large panes! Thanks!!


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