Friday, December 14, 2012

Follow-up to Jenna’s House {paint color suggestions}

Thank you so much for all of your comments and suggestions on Jenna’s home. I think any one of the colors mentioned would look great and would say to anyone in a similar predicament to look at the comments here. There are lots of great suggestions for anyone trying to find a great neutral paint color, particularly one that goes with wood trim or cabinets. I also did a post awhile back with other suggestions on picking out paint colors that go with wood.
This home is great because it’s pretty much a blank slate. So, if this were my home? These are some options that I would look at. Looking at paint decks and trying to match it with pictures can be a lot different than actually trying out samples on the walls. These are just suggestions to look at. :)
I would start out with the kitchen since it has the most wood. I would get a few neutral paint colors that I love and put them on the wall and see what works the best. Here are some samples I would probably try.
Kilim Beige by SW   Buckwheat Flour   Putnam Ivory BM
Wheeling Neutral
            by BM
Relaxed Khaki SW Powell Buff by BM

Pavilion Beige SW

Latte – Restoration Hardware

Blonde by SW
Jenna mentioned that she has been looking at Tobacco Road at 50%, which has been a pretty popular color, especially with wood cabinets.  I think it’s a great choice. TR 100% is on the top, 50% in the middle and 25% on the bottom.

I would then move on to the dining area and great room. Here, depending on what color I picked in the kitchen, I would go a shade or two darker to give it some more contrast and to add more color to such an open, natural lit room. The wall with the clock on it would be a great breaking point for the dining area.
For this living area, I would probably paint it a different color than the kitchen and great room. Here are some options I woud look at.

Lenox Tan BM

Wickham Gray BM
 Edgecomb Gray BM

Restrained Gold SW

Ramie by SW
Comfort Gray SW
For the bathroom I think a green/gray color would look nice. Here are some of my favorites, some have a little more blue to them which I like as well.

Svelte Sage by SW
Salisbury Green by BM

Aganthus Green by BM

Sycamore Green by Restoration Hardware
That is where I would start. I know colors can look one way on the computer or paint chip and totally different on the walls, so the key is sampling. I hope Jenna can find the perfect color she loves. Thank you so much for all of your input and suggestions.  You guys are awesome! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I have used Tobbaco Road in my family rm and Millet throught the rest of my mail level. I have also used Tobbsco Road as accent color in various places (hallway, in buffet niche). I have had these colors for 6 yrs and only now am thinking of something else. Really greeat colors.


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