Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monroe Bisque {before and after}

Favorite Paint Colors - Monroe Bisque by Benjamin Moore
Monroe Bisque by Benjamin Moore
Also, Sherwin-Williams is having 40% off all of their paints and stains starting this Friday. This is their best sale of the year and remember they can color match for you. More info here. (Also on my facebook page)Thanks, Taryn!


  1. Um, wow! That is one serious transformation!

  2. That is SO lovely! I keep going back and forth between the pictures! I'm in awe!

    Just to make sure people know, this fabulous Sherwin Williams sale actually starts in two days! It will run from THIS Friday through Monday, basically this weekend! It's right around the corner! Time to paint!

  3. Man, I am off on my dates! Thanks for clarifying Taryn - just changed it on my post.

  4. No worries. WHERE has April gone? It has caught me off guard too! :).

  5. WOW! I bet that transformation didn't happen overnight. ;) What a beautiful color choice . . . beautiful everything!


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