Monday, January 31, 2011

Tobacco Road

Tobacco Road by Duron
See here for more info on “Tobacco Road”

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  1. I was at Sherwin Williams recently(1-4-2011) and asked about Tabacco Road. I told them it was a discontinued Duron color. The girl brought out a paint chip book with “Graham Paints” printed on it. It has the Tabacco Road and the Plantation Beige right next to each other on the pant strip. I asked her if that was the same as the Duron color since it said Graham Paint on it and she said that it is the same color. She said that a handful of companies use the same paint swatches so the duron and the grahams is the same. It is part of the mellennium color collection fan deck. See here:
    She couldn’t give me the paint chip but she did say she could mix up a sample for me if I wanted it. The color in my living room is very close to it and I really like it. I read on garden web that some lady was selling paint chips of tobacco road for $10 online, that’s crazy. I hope this helps anyone looking for the formula to tobacco road or plantation beige. Happy painting!


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