Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SORRY ... and Changes to Submitting a Paint Color

You guys are so awesome for sending me pictures of your fabulous homes. I LOVE getting them, they truly make my day when I get a new picture or link, and I just want to tell you THANK YOU!

I just found out I was doing something really dumb. For some reason I thought that when I hit reply to you no_reply gals in my e-mail after you've left a comment, my e-mail would get to you. Just found out today that it doesn't. I don't know why I didn't figure that out earlier??? So sorry, but thank you for being patient with me, especially those of you that have submitted a paint color or left comments and didn't hear back! I guess I still need to figure out all of the technical details of blogging. So, for those of you that have been wondering why I havn't replied to you, that's the reason.

Because of this, there are a few things I am going to change when you submit a paint color.

1. If you have a picture of your room, I would love to get it in JPEG format. It makes it easier for me when I'm posting about it.

2. Also, if you could please send me a direct e-mail at favoritepaintcolors@gmail.com when submitting a color, I can reply back to you if I need to.

3. Don't forget to send me a link to your site. If you have a post about the room you are sending me, I'd love to be able to link it back there so people can get more details about your project. If you don't have a blog, that's okay, too, I would still love to get your pictures.

I hope this doesn't deter anyone from sending me paint colors. I love, love, love hearing about your projects so keep em coming! If you have any questions let me know, but I can't wait to see more of your beautiful rooms!


  1. Hey Kristin...don't apologize for this! I did the same thing for a while until I realized my emails were going no where. Just checking that you got mine? ~Ann

  2. Oh my goodness...do you know how many times I have replied to the no reply emails? More then all the times I have told my sons to take their hands out of their pants...probably double that. :)Don't beat yourself up about it, it happens. I have a quick question...are you only receiving submissions for room or wall colors? I have furniture that I paint and I usually put again a white wall to sell the pieces. I thought about sending you the link to some but didn't know your stance on furniture colors.

    Oh and my email isn't a no reply email. ;)

  3. I'm glad to know you prefer to get direct emails. That's what I did. Yet, I had been wondering if we were supposed to leave our submissions as a comment under your "Submit a Paint Color Tab" 'cause that's what others were doing? No matter. You've posted one of mine already. Can't wait to see more. Thanks so much. Love your blog!
    Lori @ mudpiestudio.blogspot.com

  4. Love your blog!!! You do such a great job!

  5. been there....done that! lol

    love your blog :)


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