Monday, June 27, 2011

Balmoral Red

Balmoral Red by Ralph Lauren
*Love the subtle striping Richella painted by taping her walls and alternating between flat paint and high gloss.


  1. Hi Kristin! Thanks so much for the linky love.

    I absolutely adored my striped dining room--and it was so easy to do! I simply painted the whole wall the flat color and let it dry well. Then I taped off the stripes, using a level to make sure the lines were perfectly straight. When everything was taped just right, I rolled on the high-gloss paint tinted in the same color red as the flat paint. Because the flat coat was already there, rolling on the high-gloss was a simple matter. I didn't have to worry about good coverage; I just had to make sure there was a coat of gloss on everything. Simple but so effective! And it made a nice subtle striped look without being overbearing. :)

  2. Thanks for the details on how you painted your stripes, Richella! I love it too. It adds a great touch and a little variety to an everyday paint job. Thanks for sharing!


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