Thursday, June 9, 2011

Relaxed Khaki Home Tour

This week I was able tour a friends newly finished home in Montana.  It was amazing. Everything that was used in the home had a story and purpose that was carefully planned out on how it was going to be used down to the smallest detail. I loved every minute of it and wanted to share some pictures with you.

She used the same paint color throughout her home, Relaxed Khaki by Sherwin Williams, which is a beautiful warm gray. Every room had different drapes, furniture and accessories but this color went well with everything. Sometimes it looked more tan and in other rooms looked more gray. She used gold accents and said that you need a warm tone and cool tone when putting your home together (quoting Armani), so she had gold and gray as her main color scheme. It was beautiful.  She does interior design and has pieces from all over the world that although were all unique and different, were all put together so beautifully.
Here are a few pictures I took that only skim the surface of her home, but I hope you enjoy!
The first three photos are of her family room that sits right off of her kitchen. I LOVE the fireplace and how the wood adds a warm tone to the paint.
Every room had a different chandelier.
Her kitchen was beautiful. One of the reasons I loved it was because it didn’t really feel like a kitchen, but more of a gathering place. She decided not to do any upper cupboards, but rather she put some cubbies on the counters to add dimension and more storage, and added some lamps and décor on top.
Her refrigerator and freezer disguised as an armoire with extra cupboard space for her dishes – loved that.
Her living room was stunning with pieces of furniture that came from all over the world. The oriental screens on the far wall came from the person that designed Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel’s homes. I was browsing on Hooked On Houses and saw that Coco had some similar screens in her own home.
IMG_0509The ceilings were incredibly high and all of the chandeliers were motorized so when they needed to be cleaned or a lightbulb needed to be replaced, they lowered so you would never have to worry about a ladder. So cool! The wood used for the beams was elm shipped all the way from China. The ceiling was also painted Relaxed Khaki.
Her laundry room was stunning. Wouldn’t you love to do laundry in there? There is another washer and dryer around the corner with a ton of cupboard space.IMG_0486
One of my favorite things about her home were her paintings. Each one had a unique story and tied to their family some way.
The master bedroom wasn’t complete. They were still in the process of moving in the bed and rearranging the furniture but it was so light and open with a gorgeous view of the mountains.
One of her guest bedrooms. It’s amazing what light can do to a paint color, which is still Relaxed Khaki.
A sitting area at the bottom of the stairs that was so cozy.
Isn’t it a beautiful home? I felt like I had just traveled to Europe after we were down with the tour. It was amazing and I just had to share. Have a wonderful day!


  1. beautiful! thanks for sharing that inspiration today :)

  2. Absolutely stunning home. I love her kitchen.

  3. Great place. Thanks for sharing.

  4. WOW. Kim has an amazing eye. I *love* the windows in the family room~so wish I was with you!!

  5. Thank you for sharing photos of this amazing home. I wonder what is the trim color? Is it a stained wood or a darker paint color that you could share with us?

    1. The trim is wood brought in from a different country, I believe it was Italy but am not sure. I know it wasn't painted though. Hope this helps!


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