Friday, June 29, 2012

Questions + Manchester Tan Color Combination

Here is another e-mail I received from a reader. 

Love your blog and it is where I decided to go with BM Manchester Tan as a main color in our home. However, I'm stuck picking out a color to go with it. Can you recommend a color?

Manchester Tan is one of my all-time favorite neutrals. It's one of those colors you can't really go wrong with and it goes with just about anything. Do you remember this room (see more here) Becca submitted last year? It’s clean, crisp and I love the colors she chose as accents.
manchester tan by benjamin moore
If you're picking out a Benjamin Moore color, they have a great tool on their site that shows you paint combinations that will go with the color you are choosing. In this instance, if you search Manchester Tan and click on the link, it will take you to their site with two colors underneath that will coordinate with it - Jackson Tan and Squirrel Tail. You can also click on the link to the left that says more color combos and get Dried Basil and Sienna.

I put together a color combination with Squirrel Tail and Dried Basil but also added Vapor and Natural Linen, both which I love. All are paint colors that will look great with Manchester Tan. If you are looking for a great neutral, Manchester Tan is a beautiful color and one that I recommend often.

(Every computer screen shows a slightly different shade of color. Please make sure you use paint samples to see the true shade.)

*Make sure you do Vapor Trails and not just Vapor when sampling. I had Vapor on my original post by mistake, but it's a white and not the blue/gray that you see above. Thanks!


  1. Manchester Tan is a very pleasing color, but it might be worth pointing out that it is a neutral with some green undertones. This looks really lovely in some settings, but doesn't work as well in others.

    1. Yes, in certain lights it can have some green undertones. As with any paint color, it's always good to sample. What might look great in one room can look awful somewhere else.

  2. I used vapor trails in my basement family room. It definitely has green/blue undertones and looks beautiful with chocolate, blue/greens, and tans. I painted my trim BM winter white and have cherry floors and a very white ceiling. I can't say enough about this color; it is a light, airy, soothing color that is so easy to live with, especially if you don't have a lot of natural light in a room. My husband and I will be building a house and I will definitely be using vapor trails again!


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