Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Most Popular Paint Color Submission at FPC

Happy Tuesday my fellow paint lovers! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I received a submission from Lorell of her newly painted living room and family room and wanted to share it with you today because the color she submitted has become the most popular paint color here at FPC, and it looks beautiful in her home. What is it you ask? I’m sure you have heard the name, it’s practically a celebrity in the paint color world.... REVERE PEWTER by Benjamin Moore.
Here is what Lorel had to say about it in her e-mail:
"As my main all-over house color, I chose BM's Revere Pewter.  When searching for the best greige for my house, I purchased about 8 different samples of what seemed to be peoples favorites.  I get a ton of natural sunlight in my home, and most of them ended up looking almost purple on my walls.  I picked Revere Pewter because it has no red undertone.  It has more of a slight green undertone, which looks like a nice light and warm grey/beige with the natural light.
I painted my family room in regular Revere Pewter, and my living room with Revere Pewter at 150% (50% more pigment than the original, to darken it a little)."
Revere Pewter {most popular paint color at FPC}
Revere Pewter {most popular paint color at FPC}
The family room painted in it’s regular strength.
Revere Pewter {most popular paint color at FPC}
The living room painted at 150%. Thanks for sharing, such a beautiful color! Definitely one of my favorite colors, it's on my top 10 warm grays, and for more Revere Pewter inspiration check out these past posts. Have a great day!


  1. Funny, when I went looking for a greige for our main bathroom, I put samples of this up on the walls and HATED it. It looked mauve and I just didn't get it, since all the zillions of pictures I've seen didn't have any pink tint to them at all. There's natural light in the room, but somethin' must have been not jivin'. My sister just put it in her guest bedroom and it's beautiful, so maybe someday down the road I'll try it again in another room.

  2. It's a great looking color. I will add it to my list of paints I like.


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