Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Buckingham Gardens

Paint color for girls bedroom - Buckingham Gardens by Benjamin Moore
Buckingham Gardens by Benjamin Moore


  1. Just a tip for all of you out there. This might sound, well, a little crazy. Years ago my parents installed a blond wood floor and were about to paint the walls generic white (I was seriously opposed) but being a fine art painter I asked them to let me take care of it and to trust me. The room had at the time 3 warm tone beige walls and one dark blue wallpapered one. Also a burgundy couch and a newly installed black piano which were not going away so I needed a color that would work with all the variables and I wanted to make the room feel bigger (the piano took up a lot of room.). In the end I chose a Pale VIOLET. In certain lights it was definitely purple and at other times quite pale. In comparison it was the opposite side of the color wheel from the wood floor. Bringing that paint home they though I was crazy but gave me a chance anyways. When I was done they loved it. Everyone loved it. Photos and artwirk looked great against it. And as a bonus the room felt much larger. So you might look at a color wheel and take a chance.

  2. My husband and I just built a brand new house about a year ago. We currently have the cheap contractor's tan paint (with yellow undertones). Since we need to repaint the walls with egg-shelled or satin - we are trying to decide the perfect color for an open concept living room/kitchen/dining room which all needs to be one color. We do have dark (almost ebony) wood cabinets, yellow/tan/black/gray speckles grantie countertops, dark wood trim (thick style) and dark wood floors (more of a cherry undertone). I am a big fan of grays - but I personally think they look best with white trim. Needless to say, what neutral paint colors would be best for the open concept? Obviously, the color needs to be lighter, but not too light to show too much contrast. I have thought of Manchester Tan by BM will be great - but what are your advice and thoughts (or any other suggestions?). Thank you!

  3. Hello we are wanting to paint our kitchen but are unsure how we should do the cabinets. Our kitchen and dining are on opposite sides of a rectangular room. We helped create "dining room" area by putting in neutral tile and a wall behind the corner table painted a "baked sweet potato pie" color. We also have a rustic look to our home with stained woodboard trim around doors and windows. Our kitchen area will be clear coated wide pine boards (will be gorgeous when done). Also the backsplash is wood beadboard (the kind that actually looks like wood) which we would like to keep unpainted. Our cabinets however are not a very appealing wood and our countertops are this pink and blue marble looking laminate. In the future we would like the replace those and don't really want to go with the navy blue and light blues my mother in law recommends for the cabinets to go with it. I was thinking of contrasting colors with dark on the base cabinets and light on the top wall hanging cabinets. I like the effect. The problem is I am terrible at picking colors that will bring out the wood in the floor and backsplash while going along with brownish orange color of the dining room which touches one side of my cabinets. Should I go with warm tones for the bottom color or cool? I like the cool tones with the wood floor but can it go with the warm orangey color too? I think I want to marry the rooms a little better because the tile and wood floor distinctly separate them. Please give me your thoughts. I am very open to new ideas and need help so I don't end up with cabinets I hate. -Thank you so much, Emily

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