Thursday, May 5, 2011

Manchester Tan

Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore
See another room by Becca painted Manchester Tan here. Love it!


  1. My living room is manchester tan too and I love it!!

  2. I love this color! I am painting the exterior of our little stucco cottage Manchester Tan, it is light yet warm and reminds me of limestone. It also goes great with our black metal windows!

  3. I'm painting my house Manchester Tan and need to pick a white for the baseboards, doors and crown molding. What color did you pick for your home in the pictures above?

  4. Rocky Road - this actually isn't my home but I have the link above to "Adventures in Decorating" where you can get more information on the room. If for some reason you can't get that information there are some great colors under the "white and cream" section on the right side bar that would be good options for your baseboards, door and molding. Let me know what you decide and good luck with your painting! Manchester Tan is one of my all time favorite colors.

  5. Can you please tell me what color you used for the ceiling? I have been looking for inspiration for my ceiling since I am using Manchester Tan for my walls. I LOVE this look!

  6. Does anyone know what color they used for the ceiling?


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