Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nursery Stripes


This is the first wall I have seen with so many stripes and different colors. Isn’t it cool?! Amy @ MoMomma designed this and has a step by step tutorial on how to paint stripes like these.
The paint colors are below, all from Valspar.

Brown: Milk Chocolate
Green: Lafawnduh La Fonda Olive (Napoleon anyone?) Smile
Orange: Bear Claw
Blue: Evening Eclipse


  1. Thank you for featuring my Son's Nursery! I posted a Shout Out on my blog for Favorite Paint Colors today :)

  2. Stripes are often an under-appreciated tactic for transforming a room, but rather than pattern or even decoupage, assorted stripes in a room can offer an appealing view that keeps the eye entertained.

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