Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Home Tours {paint color scheme ideas}

A few weeks ago I was down in Utah visiting family and had the chance to go to the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. Love this – because not only does it show you the new and best trends happening in the home world, and awesome decorating ideas, but I love seeing what paint colors the designers chose and what color schemes they put together. So for the next few posts I am going to show a few of the homes I went to and of course give you the paint colors.
First off – a lovely blue/green door. Paint color: Green Trance by Sherwin-Williams.
Green Trance by Sherwin Williams - front door paint colorGreen Trance by Sherwin Williams - paint color
In this cute sitting room the paint color behind the stenciling is also Green Trance by Sherwin Williams, and the paint color to the left of it is Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.
Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams - warm gray
 Agreeable Gray was the main color throughout the home. This is one of my favorite “warm” grays and is a wonderful neutral. It’s the perfect back drop for the accent accessories used throughout the home (notice how many colors it goes with).Agreeable Gray - family room paint colorAgreeable Gray - Favorite Paint ColorsAgreeable Gray - Favorite Paint ColorsAgreeable Gray - Favorite Paint Colors for bedroom
Don’t you love the play ball frames above the bed?
Next up is the office – painted Foggy Day by Sherwin Williams.
Foggy Day by Sherwin Williams - office paint colorFoggy Day - gray paint color
The master bedroom paint color is Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams.
Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams - Favorite Paint ColorsSilver Strand by Sherwin Williams - Favorite Paint Colors
And the bathroom is painted Misty by Sherwin Williams.
Misty by Sherwin Williams - bathroom paint color
I know picking out a color scheme for a home can be kind of overwhelming and it definitely helps to see what others have done. Stay tuned for more paint colors and color schemes from the Parade of Homes. I hope ya’ll are having an awesome summer!


  1. I love this! It is such a challenge to find and stick with a cohesive color scheme. Can't wait to see more!

  2. I missed the Utah Valley Parade of Homes this year. How did you find out what the paint colors were? Do they list it out in the parade program? I'm not sure if I have ever seen them list the paint colors however it HAS been awhile since i went the parade. I'm planning on going to the Salt Lake Parade of Homes in August so any tips to find out the exact colors of paint would be awesome.

  3. I need the formula! Can't find this color any longer!! Thanks!

  4. Glad you like it Claire. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Anna - I usually have to ask the builder or designer at the home for the paint colors. Some homes have them listed on a resource sheet for you, others I had e-mailed to me from the contractor, or I had to contact the designer to get them. That's the first thing I ask when I get to the front is if they have a resource list. I would love to come down again for the Salt Lake Parade of Homes, probably won't make it but I hope you get some awesome ideas!

  6. I love all these rooms!! The color schemes are beautiful. I have a question.

    I love your blog and the paint colors and styles of rooms your post. I was wondering if you had time to provide any suggestions on a paint color that would compliment a yellowish/camel color leather couch? .

    I want to paint my living room walls a color that will soften the couch and not make it stand out as much. I currently have SW waterscape and SW kilim beige in the dining room and I have SW sea salt in the foyer along with SW kilim beige. We are going for a coastal style. The walls in the living area is called SW lemongrass or wheatgrass/

    I posted a discussion on Houzz to get some idea. Below is the posting with picture of the living room and surrounding rooms. i can attach some pictures if you would like...


    Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Whitney
    You can email me at whitneydd@gmail.com

  7. Love this post! Thanks so much for the other suggestions too. Im deep in paint planning!

  8. Awesome, glad you found it helpful, Kellil! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  9. Did anyone ever get the formula for soft slipcover? I need to touch up my hall and my husband threw away the old can!


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